Celebrate Small Victories

Hello Friends, 

So happy we made it to April! What a crazy few weeks!! 

We did actually expect a crazy March!but this wasn’t what I had in mind. 

We had a few weddings, a wedding show, and a styled shoot, and the Arnold Expo all planned for March. Like many in the events industry, we were gearing up for our busy season. We also finally hit our 8 months~ in business mark, and we were so energized by 2020.

And then we were hit with the pandemic! We planned for 2nd booth, new props, plus cancellations and refunds. It has been very overwhelmingly, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what that feels like. 

So, let's celebrate the small victories, like we made it through March!

If you know me or follow us on IG (Follow us  @BaciBooths because you can keep up to date with everything we got going on!) you’ll know that I’m also a Mom of 2 under 5. I was laid off from my corporate finance job,  and decided to take a shot at making this business my full-time gig! I was pretty excited, however it turns out its much harder than my 9-5 was, but it felt so worth it.

All that to say that we are ok, and that hopeful this too shall pass. At this point, we are planning for September, and working on everything we can to make sure we are ready to go!

Things will be different, but we have a few new features for our digital booth I wanted to share:

  1. Beautification (Skin Smoothing & Glow) Filter 
  2. Digital Props
  3. Multi Photo Layout
I will post some photos on our IG so you can check out these new features.

ALSO... Our Lux Booth is still on its way!   Meanwhile, you can still book both booths, with a $100 deposit. #postponedontcancel

Up next I will share fun from the Arnold Expo and our styled shoot with Designer Dream Collection.
Copy of Celebrate tiny victories

Hold on tight! Celebrate small victories. Wash your hands. Stay home and be safe!

Big hugs,